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The company was formed to facilitate the export from Bali of locally made Handicrafts, Furniture and Pottery. We complete all necessary documentation and expedite your goods for fast transit times. We know the best ways of packaging, the most economical way to pack ordered items and the safest methods of transport to the nearest sea container loading facility, because we have been shipping Bali handicrafts & furniture Worldwide for over 10 years

Air Freight

Is a door to door service to ship over your goods, also known as the fastest and the most expensive one, normally charge by weight as well as volume metric. This way is mostly used to send smaller goods or personal items. However, in collaboration with the EMS Post Indonesia, we aim to provide our clients a better service and of course for an alternative shipping method that is fast, affordable both reliable, for Postal Service direct flight destination especially to AUSTRALIA & JAPAN and to all the International Air Port destination around the globe. EMS Post Indonesia operates its service network worldwide. In order to maintain the service performance, mostly EMS Post Indonesia relies on partnership with other parties such as train, buses, airplane and ship operators both owned by government and private companies. The delivery time and transportation connectivity are, however set to achieve the Universal Postal Union ( UPU ) standard.


- Packing
- Handling / Clearance
- Documents ( Original Sets )
- Custom
- Air Way Bill / Administration
- SC ( Security Charges )
- FC ( Fuel Surcharges )
- CG ( Cargo Data Processing )
- CHC ( Cargo Handling Charge )
- Insurance
- Courier Fee

the charge are EXCLUDED of :
- Extra Import Taxes at Destination Port for specific materials
- Extra Fumigation at Destination Air Port of which are role under Government Rules and Regulation of Destination Country for specific material


Madison Bali Cargo Air Freight Route
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