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The company was formed to facilitate the export from Bali of locally made Handicrafts, Furniture and Pottery. We complete all necessary documentation and expedite your goods for fast transit times. We know the best ways of packaging, the most economical way to pack ordered items and the safest methods of transport to the nearest sea container loading facility, because we have been shipping Bali handicrafts & furniture Worldwide for over 10 years

What We Offer

Sourcing, Handling, Packing, Shipping your ordered goods from Bali

About Buying Agent

Bali with its rich colorful culture and tradition has numerous of skill full craftsmen, produces a wide range of products such as Furniture, Handicrafts, Home Appliance , Home Decorating items, etc, are spread all over the island

Finding these products are not easy, how ever there are certain areas that are known for certain product

Our Sourcing Team can help overcome this problem. These people are specialize in finding what clients are looking for, helping and dealing from sampling, payment reconciliation, until shipping. Our Team currently deal with several suppliers of which are familiar with production, time and materials. Our service will enable you for sourcing both developing products of your market demand, which will help you to understand more of your clients needed, that will hopefully benefit more for both suppliers and buyers

Madison Sourcing and Buying Agent offers you more than just a Sourcing and a Buying Agent, also friendship and togetherness to be part of the memory for your shopping experiences here in Bali

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